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We provide a service that goes beyond the reviewing of financial information; we deliver value-added final products.

We provide a staff with ample experience in the various business sectors, which will be in constant communication and coordination with you.

We identify and manage risk areas as well as void areas in the internal control systems, which are key to the success of your business.

Our services include:

 Financial Auditing for:

  • Shareholders and Board of Directors
  • Credit  procurement
  • Due Diligence
  • Construction control
  • Special requirements

Auditings in compliance with tax obligations:

  • SHCP (Federal Taxes)
  • IMSS (Social Security)
  • INFONAVIT(Federal Housing)
  • Local Taxes
  • Sale of shares

Governmental Auditing

  • Audit of financial management
  • Review of budget year
  • Audit of public works and related services
  • Performance auditing
  • Special revisions

Internal Auditing

  • Tending home office auditors
  • Review of compliance with H.Q. policies and procedures
Our Location

Gabriel Mancera 1041, Col. Del Valle Centro, Benito Juárez,
Zip Code 03100, Mexico City
Tel: 55 3687 2700

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