Oscar Davil Del Campo de la Hoya

Oscar David Del Campo De La Hoya, CS

Partner - IT Director

David is an Engineer in Computing Systems. He studied at the Technological Institute of Durango and is certified in ITIL Foundations. He holds several degrees in Administration, HR, Economics and Finances, from UDLA. He is presently a member of PMI.

He joined our firm in 2014 as Partner - IT Director. His business experience includes a span of more than eighteen years in companies such as Palacio de Hierro, Scotiabank Inverlat, Gamers and Prosa. His professional development has supplied him with “expertise” in leading and managing services, implementing projects, integrating and updating of information technologies.

An expert in Mac, Windows, Office, Ethical Hacking, Asterisk, Internet, People Soft, Oracle, SQL Server, Firewalls, VoIP, SAP, Dynamics AX, Linus and Unix, he also holds a certification in management of Google Apps for Work.

As Partner - IT Director, he is responsible for the prevention of technological trends, of maintaining in optimal conditions the firm’s communication systems and most important, in promoting and innovating the best options that ensure the best performance of the firm’s technological resources, and at the same time regarding the future requirements within the forthcoming changes in the technological world.

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